Quality Policy

Our Committment to Quality

arrow_forward Our vision is to care for Health and Quality of Life, for Mankind-Globally. We are committed to provide safe, effective and quality medicines at economic prices and also to percolate value added services to the patients through our network worldwide. Our commitment to seek the highest standards of Quality & Compliance First is the backbone of all our activities and projects. We have a 0 tolerance policy in this area. We have and continue to invest heavily in compliance programs, with the objective to meet and surpass applicable regulatory requirements & legislations. Quality & Compliance at BDH Industries consists of Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Occupational Health & Safety, and Environmental Protection. Our experts ensure that you, our customer, are served with reliable products & services. You benefit from the support of our continuous improvements, based on the consistent completion of corrective and preventive actions arising from self-initiated proactive assessments, agency inspections, as well as internal, annual and corporate audits. This approach enables us to not only meet, but exceed general requirements needed to see your project through to completion our documentation system is designed to vouch for the quality of our products. It consists of


The descriptive documents that define and establish the quality of raw materials, the production process and the final products


The data collection documents that confirm that the materials, environment, production process and product routinely meet the established quality checks


The numbering system that serves to control and track the use of descriptive documents and data collection documents. Data files organise the data into useful categories to facilitate renewal and retrieval These elements are continuously updated concurrently with production process proceeds. Once the documents are completed they become part of the historical records

The employees at BDH Industries have made a commitment to delivering the highest quality pharmaceutical products possible. We’ve developed not only the infrastructure to handle compounds, but also procedures, training and culture to support the work even as advances in Pharmaceutical Industry push the envelope of selectivity and potency every day. We have an incredibly rigorous in-house training program for each department, where new employees are mentored by senior staff from their department. Even our senior members of the organization update themselves by reading books, articles, attending various external seminars/webinars and training workshops relevant to current GMP requirements to increase their awareness of any new requirements or updates to the GMP.