Our Dedicated Facility

arrow_forward The oncology division is the crown jewel of BDH Industries. We produce quality solid dosages vis-à-vis tablets, capsules and liquid dosages like ampoules and vials. A separate dedicated facility with its own high-tech quality control and quality assurance and packaging departments is provided for manufacturing our oncology products. Our oncology department is designed keeping in mind the degree of occupational exposure risk to cytotoxic drugs during production due to the concentrations and quantities used. The ever-present threat of cross-contamination is eliminated by the use of separate air-handling systems for the operations in each section of the manufacturing activity. Pressure gradients are maintained in order to ensure that air movement takes place only from critical to non-critical areas. Our priority is the health and safety of our employees. The HVAC is fully automated with an electronically controlled operating system as per GMP guidelines and is designed in such a way as to prevent contamination and protect our employees.

arrow_forward Stringent in-process quality checks are conducted at each entry and exit level of raw material and the packing material. Consistent Validation of facilities, equipment, process, products & cleaning as per respective standard operating procedures are carried out at regular intervals. Other activities include Complaint Handling, Storage of quality record and control samples, conducting and maintaining Stability Studies, and preparing of Registration Documents (DMF) in accordance with the respective FDA regulations. We are constantly creating and improvising our products and Upgrading Manufacturing Facilities. What’s more, we remain ever alert to the changing trends and needs of the pharmaceutical industry. As we get better, we make lives better too. We have a WHO GMP approved facility and a global presence with established strategic tie-ups in Africa, South-East Asia and Latin America.

Annual Production Capacity Units in Millions
Tablet 270
Capsules 45
Injection: Ampoules 7.2
Injection: Vials 3.6