Board of Directors

Making overall decisions on policies as well as providing oversight

1. Ms. Jayashree Nair - Managing Director

Ms. Jayashree Nair has been at the helm of BDH Industries Limited for the last five decades. Under her guidance and leadership, the Company has registered exponential growth in the business. She has in-depth knowledge & expertise of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and General Business Management of the Company. Nair has a rich and varied experience in the Indian pharmaceutical industry and as the Managing Director and Chairperson of the Company, she brings her passion, vast repertoire of wisdom and technical know how to build a world class organisation.

2. Mr. Suresh C. Kachhara - Joint Managing Director

Mr. Suresh C. Kachhara, is a BCom, LLb. (Gen.), FCA and MIIA (USA) and has been in the business since 1978 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Under his guidance, the Company’s operations have expanded horizontally over the globe and he has contributed significantly towards the growth of the Company. He has been director of the Company since 1990 and is the current Joint Managing Director. His experience comprises the areas of finance, taxation, international business and overall business activity. Mr. Kachhara has a wealth of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has been actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the Company.

3. Ms. Karthika Nair

Ms. Karthika Nair, is a Non-Executive Director and has been associated with BDH Industries since 1994. She holds an M.Sc (Genetics) and MMS (Marketing) from University of Mumbai and Leading Change (Harvard). Prior to joining BDH Industries, Ms Nair has worked with leading Multinational Pharmaceutical companies and Indian pharmaceutical firms in Product Management.

4. Dr. Dinesh Variar

Dr. Dinesh Variar, MBBS, has 40 years of experience as a doctor and owns and operates his own medical practice and is a pillar of strength in the local community, often helping the less fortunate and those who require medical aid urgently.

5. Mr. Bhagirath Singh

Mr. Bhagirath Singh has 39 years of experience in the areas of Finance & Taxation. His qualifications include B.Com & F.C.A. He is also a Director in Remi Securities Limited, Remi Cool Fans Limited and Shrinkala Securities Limited.

6. Mr. Kairav Trivedi

Mr. Kairav Trivedi holds the qualifications of M.Com, FCA, FCS, LLB, MBA (JBIMS), F.IOD, MCN and is an Insolvency Professional with 23 years of experience in senior management in the sectors – Pharma, Automobile, Power Plants, Cement, Dredging, Ports, SEZ, Hospital, Infrastructure etc. He is also an NCLT lawyer, ADR Prof (Arbitrator/Mediator/Conciliator)